About Us

Steel bending power and precision cutting edges. Intense energy of a spark and millimeteric precision of a design. These are all combined in the YAKACI ŞAFAK® solution, a company that produces forming sets for VFFS machines: The heart of the packaging machine forms the bags used for foods and other products. Şafak ERGEN, a small private company with 6 years of experience in the forming collar set industry, founded YAKACI ŞAFAK® Forming Solution and launched the new brand. With the help of a small team with a high level of expertise, it has succeeded in growing continuously and has consistently confirmed its quality and knowledge. YAKACI ŞAFAK® Forming Solution produces unique, custom-made molding sets that are designed by hand. Today, ten skilled professional workers, engineers and sales staffs contribute to the production of forming sets for the domestic and foreign markets. The positive working environment and manual skill are important, not only for the collar disign solution, but also for every forming set that is created.

Our Mission

In order to realize the activity of the collar apparatus and accessories in the packing and packaging sector, it was also established to provide a new service to the sector.

Our Vision

Our vision is to develop and expand our activities in the sector in the international dimension and to make progress and become a pioneer with our current quality in this process.

Our Activity Fields

Manufacture of forming collar sets and accessories of all vertical and horizontal form, fill and seal machines in the packing and packaging sector.


Food stuff, legumes, pasta, flour, dry fruits, biscuits, chips, pet feed industry, plastic granules and raw materials, chemicals, pharmaceutical industry, liquid products.